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#11 The Motor Carrier numbers (MC #) are handed out by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in sequential order. If the company you wish to do business with has an MC number greater than 550,000, they probably have been in business less than 1 year, or they have had their license revoked and have started a new venture with alternate owners.
#33 While it is always important to be price conscious, the lowest bids are reserved for dealers who ship multiple vehicles throughout the year or customers who ship several vehicles at the same time from one location. This makes the carriers’ job of picking the vehicles up significantly easier and less time consuming, thus the price point is lower.
#21 Backhauls, where carriers have few options to put together a full load of vehicles, are another way customers can get a great deal on auto transports. We know all the backhauls!!
#66 One of the greatest factors affecting the price & timing of transports is proximity to major metropolitan areas and interstate highways. Locations "off the beaten path" are slower to move to their destinations because fewer carriers are interested in moving them, and costs to run the truck drastically increase.
#23 Total weight of your vehicle is a significant factor that determines the cost of your transport, especially for large trucks and SUVs. The heavier the vehicle, the more fuel is consumed by the carrier while in transit.
#7 Carriers are very conscious of the overall weight they transport. If the load they carry is too heavy, axles can snap or bend, & state troopers can issue them significant fines. Both scenarios can drastically delay transit times.
#2 Many sales representatives who have never physically moved cars themselves often tell customers they are allowed to put as many household items in the vehicle as they wish throughout the transport. This is not true! Carriers will often move additional items as a courtesy. However, if the truck is near maximum weight, or if the customer has overstepped the boundary of what is acceptable, then the carrier has every right to ask you to remove these items. They do not have the authority to transport these household items across state boundaries.
#42 Headwinds can factor significantly in the fuel economy for the transporting truck.
#88 The Pacific Northwest is often an area of the country many quality carriers will refuse to travel to throughout the winter months. Liability insurance is often cited as the main reason. We own trucks that run this route every month.
Company summary
1st Call Auto Haul was established in 2005 in response to perceived inequities within the auto transport industry. The owner, Eric Sailer, was previously the owner and driver of a one man trucking company, Supreme Auto Shipping. He travelled all over the country transporting classic automobiles and eBay motors’ purchases, hauling lease returns and auto auction vehicles, and taking care of moving snowbird transports and family car moves for 1000s of customers. While he enjoyed the work, he felt the carriers and drivers were often pitted unfairly against customers. These customers, as a matter of practice, were routinely deceived by dishonest brokers. Eric decided to get out of the truck and attempt to change the industry from the top down. His successful formula is actually a very simple one, provide honest answers to customers’ transport questions, pay trusted carriers a fair wage to transport valuable automobiles, and always make yourself available to ensure satisfaction for all involved.

As both a carrier and a broker, 1st Call Auto Haul is uniquely positioned to provide our customers with a variety of options to meet their car transport needs. Whether you are looking for an open or enclosed transport, or have a vehicle that needs to move as soon as possible, 1st Call Auto Haul offers convenient internet booking, quick tracking capabilities, and a considerate and knowledgeable staff to help move your vehicle quickly yet safely.
We are also very capable of hauling boats, or shipping motorcycles, RVs and heavy equipment. We ship overseas to places like Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and the Virgin Islands all the time. Please, make us your 1st Call.

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